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Security agreement

Vejlby Fed Strand

Security agreement with Falck

At Vejlby Fed Strand Camping we appreciate that our guests are happy and satisfied.

Therefore, we are pleased to tell you that you as a guest at Vejlby Fed Strand Camping can always feel safe if there is an accident involving your car or if you need a doctor.

A security agreement with Falck means that in case of accident, you and your family will be taken to a doctor or hospital or other treatment center and then return to the campsite or home address (within the borders of Denmark). However, the disease / damage must occur at Vejlby Fed Strand Camping or on the way to or from Vejlby Fed Strand Camping for the purpose of this agreement. If you are on the way to the campsite, you must have a booking with us.

Vehicles and caravans are also included in the agreement as long as they are enrolled at Vejlby Fed Strand Camping. This means that if you encounter problems with your vehicle and you need transport to the workshop or campsite, you can freely use this service agreement. The service also applies if you run out of fuel and therefore need to supply fuel or spare parts of a different kind.

There is a defibrillator at the campsite.



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